Northern Ireland invites Trump

Waking up every day to read the news, another tragedy, another display of fascism, some #alternative-facts thrown in there… I think to myself, it can’t get any worse.  I was wrong.

The Impartial Reporter uncovered that in November last year, Arlene and Marty extended the goodwill and hospitality of the Northern Irish people to a President Trump.   I guess it’s standard procedure to make the offer, but wouldn’t it have been prudent to wait and see what kind of a president the man turned out to be?


“We are writing to offer our personal congratulations and those of all the people we represent on your election as the 45th President of the United States of America.

“We are a small region but we are fortunate to have strong historical, economic and political ties to the United States. Some of those links predate the War of Independence and we can boast that no fewer than seventeen of your predecessors had Scots-Irish heritage.

“In more recent times we have become a magnet for American companies looking for a European-based and we continue to attract American tourists in ever increasing numbers.

“We are proud to say that the United States is our largest inward investor and we believe that our relationship has proved mutually beneficial for both your great country and our small but dynamic region.”

We wish you every success in your new role and we extend an invitation to visit Northern Ireland. You can be assured of a warm welcome.”


I won’t be assuring you of a warm welcome Trump, in fact, I’ll make a point of ensuring that you don’t get a warm welcome to this country.  The career politicians that wrote you this letter don’t represent me, nor the thousands of women who stood up to you in Sister March at Belfast City Centre on January 21st.

When the whole world revolves around money and capitalism and consumerism, does that mean we turn a blind eye to fascism in order to keep our investments and close relationship?  Standing up for what’s right is sometimes difficult and it takes courage. Courage that I don’t believe exists in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

I understand wanting to protect the country’s monetary interests, but couldn’t you have just done that in other ways like not scamming the nation out of money with your RHI scheme and your NAMA and your RedSky?  Couldn’t you have just actually represented the interests of your people, not just filling the pockets of your family and mates?  In a time when we keep voting for politicians who are sponsored and supported and funded by corporations and companies, they no longer represent our interests.  It’s time to stop.

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