Rimworld Review

Rimworld is one of those games that sucks you in at 11am on a Saturday morning and spits you back out again at 02:03 on Sunday morning, when you realise that you you just spent the past fourteen hours trying to sate the whims of your colony’s pyromaniac.

Let me tell you all about it.  Rimworld describes itself as “A sci-fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller.”

Games that have their own wiki are usually worth checking out.  Having a wiki demonstrates, to me, that a game has the potential to have enough depth to keep the user interested in it for longer than a couple of hours and that learning the mechanics of the game isn’t going to happen in one or two play-throughs.  As an avid Dwarf Fortress fan, I figured Rimworld would be right down my street.  Visually, it kinda looks like Prison Architect and the menus and interface are very similar in design.

I’ve been playing it for a few months now, I’ve coerced my partner into playing it also.  Any evening that starts with the phrase “Do you fancy a bit of rimming?” or “I feel like having a rim” is no longer a request for sexual intimacy. No. In our household, it’s known that being in the mood to rim, means kicking back for a few hours (or days) and getting sucked so far into your colony, that you form emotional attachments to your colonists.

I admit to knowing all of my colonists by name, what they do, when they turned up, their personalities…. before I get into too much depth, let me show you “Dawn”.

This is my glorious Rimworld colony.  I’ve been working on it for about 8 weeks, so far.


“Dawn” – Sozzals’ Glorious Rimworld Colony of Amazing

So your goal, as far as I can tell (I haven’t actually “finished” the game yet), is to build a spaceship to allow your colonists to leave the planet you landed on.  I have seen a few spoiler screenshots of what actually happens but I’ll leave that out for now. So, trapped on a planet bla bla bla, build an amazing base, keep everyone alive.   Sounds simple enough right?


I could (and probably will) dedicate an entire post to all the crazy shit that can go wrong in this game.  For now, I’ll just list the ones that come to mind.

You can run out food.

You can run out of components (components are what keeps machines running – you need them to build cooler units for your fridges, heaters for your colony, star trek doors, solar panels for electricity, ….basically everything that is a “machine”).

Your colonists can get attacked by wild animals.

Your colony can come under attack from raiding parties of factions that hate you (you can win their affection by giving them money though…). steven

You might have accidently befriended a pyromaniac who will be planting crops one minute, and the next minute attempting to burn your whole colony down.

Getting crushed by rocks while mining – lost two of my Dawn residents in this way. Luckily, one of them was the pyromaniac.


I’ve come to learn, that if I don’t give into each individual’s demands, it’s a surefire way to a colony’s grizzly demise.    Each colonist will come with their own personality traits.  These can be anything to “slow poke” – which means they move around a bit slower than everyone else to “greedy” – which means that they must have a more impressive bedroom than everyone else – to “depressive”, nothing will ever make them happy, ever.  As well as all that, they all have their own little back stories.

dvsThey can even fall in love….

If you click on them while they’re having sexy times, their status displays as “luvin'”  !

They can even end up getting married.  All sexes and sexual orientations are included in this game, which I really like – I mean, it’s much more realistic.

They like to party, they like to get drunk, they like to smoke a joint, sometimes they come with their own drug addictions that you have to feed or they go mental.

That’s just a few ways that you can “lose” the game…

This game gives you as much depth as you want, a different storyline every time you play and numbers!!! Lots and lots of numbers. But the numbers aren’t presented in an intimidating fashion like many other games.


Your colonist’s mood isn’t only affected by how stylish their bedroom is, it’s also affected by what they eat, who they hang out with, being bonded with a pet (an animal).

rimworld-animalsAnimals add a whole different dimension to the game. Some animals you can tame from the wild, others you can buy from passing merchants.  You get Dogs, Monkeys, Muffalo,  Some you can tame to haul your shit around for you, or attack intruders or even rescue fallen colonists!  You can add different animals (or monsters) with mods.

If you enjoy modding, there are hundreds (probably thousands, by now) of different mods and scenarios for Rimworld that will make this game last forever (or at least longer than all the shit MMO’s you’ve unsubscribed to after a month)

My “Dawn” colony is using the following mods:

Call of Cthulhu – Cosmic Horrors V1.3f A15 (Adds lovecraftian-style monsters)Vegetable Garden (adds shitloads of different fruit and veg), Animal Hide Working (make rugs out of dead things), Animals Tab (self-explanatory), More Floors (feeling less and less like I need to explain these), More Beds (adding brackets for OCD formatting purposes) and Door Mat (your colonists can wipe their feet on a doormat which results in their rooms needing less cleaning, or less effort to clean).

In summary, if you want to lay awake at night wondering if your only doctor is going to live, if you enjoy hunting the local wildlife or perhaps you’re the sort of person who enjoys ruthlessly murdering tourists so you can harvest their organs, if you want to spend hours of your life micro-managing 10 psychopaths and sociopaths into creating the ultimate paradise while facing an AI that’s intent on erasing your existence – then, give it a try.  They don’t have a free demo for it (something that kind of annoys me about games – like, I wouldn’t buy a perfume without smelling it – DON’T SELL ME IDEAS, sell me ACTUAL THINGS that I LIKE). There is also purchase via Steam, who will refund you for a game for any reason (I know, it feels wrong, but it’s legit) if you’ve played it for less than two hours. Try and play it for less than two hours – that’s my challenge to you.

TLDR; 10/10 would rim again

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